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Demolition of dangerous structure and long overdue exterior painting.

On this job the new homeowner wanted the back trellis painted at first.

During the preparation stage, upon execution of pressure washing it was determined that the structure was very poorly built and a danger to his family and children. This must have been an unpermitted addition from a previous owner. The tops of the beams and lattice had a severe case of dry-rot and the support beams where only in the ground about 4 feet. A strong wind could have easily blown it over. We are typically known as Castro Valley Painting Company but we also do several handyman services. The customer was very pleased that we could remove this accident waiting to happen, cut into manageable pieces. We also came over after the homeowner scheduled a garbage pic up and carried all the debris out to the side walk the day before. The previous also tried to repaint this house himself at one time but never addressed the upper portions of the side that where 2 story and very hard to get to. The eaves and fascia's needed a lot of preparation, priming and paint to protect them from time and the elements.


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