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Exterior Rejuvenation.

At Advanced PaintingSystems we pay heavy attention to proper preparation. The stucco on this househadn’t been painted in 30 years. It had a deteriorating coating on it that was poplar in the Late 70’s that claimed it would last for the lifetime of your house. Our client was looking for a Pleasanton Painting Contractor that could provide a warranty and had good reviews on Yelp, where she found us.She was encouraged by our ability to do handyman services and repair and replace the visible dry rot. She lives in Placerville and this is her rental.She appreciated us sending her frequent progress pictures, going out of our way to not disturb the tenants and communicating with her property management Company. In the preparation stages we chemically pressure washed theexterior for several hours to remove the mildew and oxidation. We wire wheeled all the failing paint on the stucco, repaired the cracking stucco areas, and applied a penetrating stucco conditioner as needed. All the fascia was repaired,disk sanded and primed complete. All the vinyl siding got a complete prime also. Another happy customer. I am looking forward to her review onYep or Google


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