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Painting and Decorating just in time for the hollidays

This project started at the beginning of the summer with a quote for the painting of the exterior of a large 2 story residential home in the south east area of Hayward. I heard approximately 3 week later that the home owners wanted to go with my company after comparing estimates from other contractors and seeing our reviews on Yelp. The customers concerns where that they wanted to go with a much darker color then most houses in the neighborhood and was worried that that the HMO would not approve of it. I informed the customers that color rendering was available to present to there home owners association. Color rendering is a computer program that shows how what your house would look like (through photo editing) with different color schemes without actually putting any paint on the house itself.. After a couple months we came up with a color scheme that the home owners association approved of. The very nice couple invited me over for dinner so the could get to know who was going to be occupying there garage and the outside of there house for the next couple of weeks get the contracts signed and pick a start date. The job went very smoothly. Some dry rot and stucco repair issues came up during the beginning and where dealt with quickly and affordably. While I had my scaffold set up in the front the home owner thought it would be a good idea for me to hang there Christmas tree lights which really gave the house the holiday season look. This is the e-mail I received after the completion of the job. Hi Gary, I just wanted to say I love the work you have done on the house! The paint looks great, and I appreciate the time you took to work through all of our extra requests! More importantly, you and your team have just as much great work ethics as you do courtesy. On a more personal note, we enjoyed having you over for dinner, and respect your openness and honesty during our conversation. We would love to get together again with you again soon -- maybe when the rain starts coming down? Let us know.

Thanks again, Erika & Vermont This is what the house looks like a night time.


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